2-5 - Music Review: DISCIPLE - O God Save Us All

O God Save Us All
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Oh, wow. Wow. Okay, I’m here to take back everything almost everything I said about the Disciple release. I no longer consider it the worst release Disciple has put out thus far. Because now, I’ve listened to their 2012 release, O God Save Us All, and that has now grabbed the honor of Worst Disciple Album (So Far).

Let me break this down, here. The album kicks off with “Outlaws”, which is a paint-by-the-numbers modern radio rocker that, partway through the song, I already wanted to move along. Not a good sign. This is followed up by another mediocre modern radio rock tune, the title track “O God Save Us All”. After that, we’re teased a bit by a somewhat decent hard rocker in “R. I. P.” that has a catchy riff, but nothing that really fires things up. Then, for whatever reason, we’re all treated to not just one, not two, but THREE Feels Trip Fodder tunes, back-to-back, all of which are the type the hipster worship leader would play if they’re wanting everyone to get all emotional, but still needed an excuse to play his electric guitar. Seriously, the last of that three, “Draw The Line” (sadly, not a cover of the Aerosmith song) sounds like it was played by the version of Audio Adrenaline that was fronted by one of the guys that was in DC Talk. You know, what’s-his-face. Anyway, point is, you don’t cluster these things together, you need to spread them out, like was done on the previous releases. But then, just as it seems you can’t go on any longer without jamming something into your earholes, you’re suddenly surprised by the song “Kings” which, granted it sounds like it was taken from the Alien Youth-era Skillet sessions, all electronic-hard rock, but at least it sounds decent enough to give you a bit of hope. Then, “Unstoppable” comes on, and things are looking up! It may sound a bit processed, and so far you have yet to hear a guitar solo of any kind, but at least it’s heavy and nice. And just as you’re beginning to wonder why they would wait so late in the album to begin putting on the good stuff…suddenly, we’re back to a more mediocre modern rock tune in “The One”, and all of your hopes of ending things on a high note are demolished like so many sand castles under the foot of your older brother. And then, “Beautiful Scars” begins, and the realization sets in: the two heavy songs were just the false hope they held out in front of you, only to yank it away and present you with MORE FEELS TRIP FODDER. Which leaves only “Trade A Moment”, and that’s yet another Audio Adrenaline style modern rock that, while I have to admit they at least didn’t end the album on a ballad (as is their usual track record), just makes this entire album end with a wet fart.

And overall, that’s what I can compare O God Save Us All to, musically speaking: a wet fart. There’s only two songs that really stuck out, and even they weren’t really as good as they could have been. Most of this album seems comprised of immemorial mediocre modern rock, or emotionally slathered sappy feels trip fodder. My first thought after the album ended was, “I actually paid money for this.” Sure, it was only $8.99 for the download, but that’s $8.99 that could have gone to Taco Tuesday at Taco John’s. Same level of quality, but at least I would enjoy those before getting the buyer’s remorse.