satanic rebellion crushed

Satanic Rebellion Crushed
Son Of Man Records

Abdijah was a one-off black metal side project of former Fire Throne drummer Unblasphemer. Satanic Rebellion Crushed is the only release, a six-track EP released independently in 2003.

The music on Satanic Rebellion Crushed is straight-up rapid-fire, extremely raw black metal with low-fi production that, for all intents and purposes, was probably deliberate, considering the usual Black Metal aesthetic. It’s unrelenting, straight-ahead and murky, which-depending on how you prefer your black metal-you will either find to your kvlt liking, or will run counter to anything regarded as “accessible”. Me, I can appreciate it when I’m in a certain mood, but for the most part I do like a bit more production value in the mix. Worth checking out, though.