I almost didn’t post one this year. Not out of forgetfulness, mind you. I had been, as I normally do, chewing over what the brain droppings would be for this year’s post. And I almost decided to not post anything.

Mostly because of certain individuals that feel the need to ruin things for everyone.

They’ve been doing this for quite a bit. I just seem to have been a bit more hyper aware of it all this year, for whatever reason. I speak of these fellow Christians of mine who feel the need to point out that we are all wrong about Good Friday and Easter. Every year, they whip out their memes and their charts, trying to prove that our timing for the days of our observations of Jesus’ respective death and resurrection are WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG, and we’re all idiots for doing so. Somehow, this is supposed to prove their ultimate spiritual superiority, or something like that.

Look, like Christmas, I don’t really care about what day it is that we, as Christians, observe and remember what Christ Jesus layed down for to ransom our ungrateful selves. Truth is, yes, He is risen…but we’ve all been living in the post-resurrection world. And if you want to get down to it, the only thing that Jesus expressly commanded us to do to remember His sacrifice was to participate regularly in what we call the Communion.

What I’m trying to say is, I don’t think that observance of Easter or not really negates my salvation, through my trust and faith in Christ Jesus. Let alone doing so on the actual day or not. We should all be living like it’s after He has risen, as new creatures through faith in Him.

The point is, He died, He rose, He conquered sin and death. And that’s why we gather together as one body, to remember that.

But, if that makes me an idiot, then fine. I’m an idiot. I have better things to worry about.

He is risen. He has risen indeed. Cheers, all.