revulsed - infernal atrocity

Infernal Atrocity
Permeated Records

If you’re into extreme metal, surely you’re familiar with the name of Jayson Sherlock. After making his mark for what many argue was the good years of Mortification, he went to lend his drumming prowess to bands like Paramaecium, InExordium, Altera Enigma, and even a Deliverance album. Not to mention the Hellig Usvart release under the moniker of Horde, where he pretty much played all the instruments. The man’s style is \,,/METAL\,,/ personified. So, whenever I hear of a project he’s involved in, I almost always buy it without bothering to listen to the samples first. It’s gonna be awesome, no proof needed.

That bit of fanboy salivating aside, such is with Revulsed, and their own debut Infernal Atrocity. Yes, Jayson Sherlock is handling the drums, but that’s not the only thing to praise about this album. Infernal Atrocity is some of the tightest, straight-forward DEATH METAL that earns the all-caps that I just typed it in. Nine tracks, back-to-back, a thick meaty slab of the heaviest, tightest stuff that will leave your face (and most of your upper torso) hanging off in shreds after the sand blasting ends. The production is fantastic, lending depth and weight to the tightness and brutality that emanates from the speakers. This album definitely holds its own against the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Obituary and Crimson Thorn. And speaking of Obituary: that cover art. The artwork may actually top that of the Cause Of Death cover. I want that on a shirt to adorn my gelatinous upper torso. You know, after most of it was sand-blasted off after listening to this album.

This was released on Halloween of 2015, in limited quantities of the physical media (CD and vinyl); it is, however, also available on their Bandcamp page for download purchase, which is the format I went with. Mainly because I didn’t wish to wait for my death metal fix. And what a fix it is. Regardless of the method, you really need to get yourself a copy of Infernal Atrocity, post haste.