abated mass of flesh - deathcrusher

Rottweiler Records

Deathcrusher is the fifth overall studio release of deathcore/grindcore band Abated Mass Of Flesh. Consequently, it happens to be my first exposure to the band, being the first one I purchased off of Amazon while finding new bands to add to my Metal Vault (TM).

Deathcrusher is a six-song EP of deathcore, the kind that flirts with grindcore, but doesn’t really make the full commitment with the exception of the opening track “Immanent Putrescence”, which is pure-on grindcore assault, the majority of the tracks settle into a mid-paced chunk-chunk-chunka-chunk deathcore with all the subtlety of a wreaking ball ridden by a naked Miley Cyrus slamming you into a brick wall.

For the most part, the metal on Deathcrusher suffers greatly from being homogenized and uninspired riffing that I grew bored with. And there’s only six tracks on this, I remind you. And that would be so bad, if it weren’t paired with the worst type of “bR00TAL” vocals to infect modern metal this past decade: Piggy Squeals. For those not familiar with the “piggy squeal” style, it’s a style where the vocalist affects a higher-pitched “REE-REE-REEEEEE” squeal like that of a pig suffering from strep throat. That sound is annoying, even coming from a pig. And grew up on a hog farm. This is alternated with what I will describe as “sustained death metal belching”.

So, my first exposure to Abated Mass Of Flesh resulted in boredom mixed with annoyance. Deathcrusher wasn’t the best first impression. Here’s hoping there’s something better in their discography.