abated mass of flesh - the omen king

The Omen King
Rottweiler Records

The fourth studio release from Abated Mass Of Flesh, and the second one I bought, after the Deathcrusher EP. Seems I’m going backwards in my exploration of the band’s discography. Eh, it’s not like I haven’t done that before. Anyway, how does The Omen King hold up? Let’s see…

After an 18-second instrumental (“New Creation”), we segue into the track “Gather In Strength”, and…gads, the Piggy Squeals again. Along with the Sustained Death Belching. This is more annoying and distracting. But…there’s also some blackened vocals, so…yeah, mixed bag here.

Vocals aside, for the most part the metal on The Omen King is of the mid-paced, uniform deathcore that admittedly has some bright spots contained within–some decent guitar riffs, one instance of full-on grindcore br00tality to break up the monotony, and the title track is actually the most interesting thing on here, as it’s an ambient instrumental that’s pretty good. They seemed to have missed their calling, as the majority of The Omen King is just…meh. I still don’t see what the hype is.