broken flesh - broken flesh

Broken Flesh
Luxor Records

Ever since getting the debut release Forever In Flames by Oklahoma City’s Broken Flesh, I hadn’t had much of a chance to investigate their further releases they did, despite being floored by the death metal goodness contained within. This was mostly due to my monetary situation as the time. When I was able to do so, I purchased the self-titled third full-length release from Amazon and anxiously pressed play on my media player.

I went into listening to Broken Flesh knowing that they were utilizing a different vocalist than that on Forever In Flames. Changes happen. I was open to what this guy would bring to the dynamic. And what was brought was a style that, while not the annoying “piggy squeal” type that turns me off completely, is the type that I refer to as “sustained death belching”. I find this to be more silly than scary-sounding, but that may be because I’m old and not as hip and sophisticated as the younger mosh monkies populating the pits.

Fortunately, this is but a minor issue. The music on Broken Flesh is full-on br00tal grindcore, the kind that’s designed to blastbeat your flesh off like a blowtorch melting a jawbreaker. There’s some places on the album where they insert some groove into the mix to break up the monotony. And that’s really the big complaint I have about the album, really. It’s “br00tal”, yes; it’s so much grind, so much brutality…and so much same-old, same-old. The songs seem to blur together, to the point where I had to check at times to see if the same track was playing, or if it segued into another while I was distracted by something shiny.

Overall, I would have to classify Broken Flesh as serviceable grindcore. It’s well-produced, and very, very thick and meat, and at just over 30 minutes, it definitely comes in handy for a quick blast of needed brutality. Even at its brief running time, since I found myself getting bored with the lack of variety (yeah, I said it), I don’t see Broken Flesh being revisited very often. Again, keep in mind, I’m old. Worth a look, at least, most definitely.