Music Review: ABJATHAR - Nothing Undamaged

Nothing Undamaged

Abjathar was a Death Metal band from Belgium that operated between 1995 and 2000, releasing only one cassette-only demo in between that time. Which is unfortunate, because, after listening to this particular demo, the band did show some promise and talent in the Death Metal genre.

The demo, Nothing Undamaged, is a bit on the rather low side of production, but definitely not unlistenable. It starts off with a bit of spacy keyboard atmospherics, but then delivers on some decent mid-paced death metal riffs with “Autumn”. This pace keeps up for the majority of the time, changing things up a bit with more of a doom pace on the title track, and a furious pace on “Death”.

Nothing Undamaged is a rather hard demo to find, considering the year it was released, and that it was an import at that. If you can find it, pick it up. It’d be nice to put this through the ol’ remaster/re-release with other obscure demos of the like collections.