Music Review: ACELDAMA - Melquisedec

Eirene Records

Aceldama is a death metal band from Costa Rica that has been together since 2005. Their name itself is Aramaic for “field of blood”, and refers to the place in Jerusalem that’s traditionally associated with where the Apostle Judas hung himself following his betrayal of Jesus. Brutal. Following a demo and and EP, Melquisedec is their first full-length that was released in 2010. One has to ask, is the music on Melquisedec befitting a name such as this? In a word, “yep”.

After a Spanish-language audio clip, the album opens with “Destruccion Para Este Mundo”, a decent and straight-forward old school death metal cut. The entire album follows in this old school style, with some good variation to keep things interesting. The guitars have an interesting crunch tone to them, and there are some rather good rhythm structures and base lines throughout the songs. The vocals are mostly of the standard Death Metal growl variety, with some blackened vocals added for spiciness and taste. The production is decent; a bit raw, but it seems to work in the music’s favor rather than being a hindrance. And really, who doesn’t like their death metal a bit raw and gritty?

Overall, Melquisedec is a good solid collection of old school death metal with some personality. Very much worth checking out.