Music Review: ANCIENT PROPHECY - Pounded By Our Sins

Pounded By Our Sins

Hailing from Germany, Ancient Prophecy plays a style of metal that is an interesting hybrid of power metal and traditional heavy metal that blends together into something only the Germans can seem to pull off. After releasing a couple of demos, they released their first full-length release, Pounded By Our Sins digitally in 2015.

I once read a review of Pounded By Our Sins on another review site, describing the music as “melodic thrash”. That’s what led me to seek out and purchase this album in the first place. And after listening to this, I have to counter that “melodic thrash” with NO. This isn’t even Thrash Metal’s first cousin, Speed Metal. The music on Pounded By Our Sins is best described as Power Metal with a blend of Heavy Metal. I can maybe understand someone who’s not familiar with thrash to mistake this for thrash, what with the use of blastbeats and faster-than-usual guitar riffing. But make no mistake, this is epic and powerful HEAVY METAL we’re dealing with.

Kicking off with the anthem “Metal Is Still Alive”–complete with an opening chant, big chorus sing-alongs, all set to epic riffs and soaring and powerful female vocals intertwined with a bit of growly male vocals. This is followed by two more mid-paced and decent cuts, “New Chapter” and “True Trinity”, which follow the same pacing as the opener.

However, it’s when we get to the fourth cut on the album, “Pounded”, is when the quality of the album goes from good to really good. From here on to the end of the album, we’re bombarded with some fantastic guitar riffing, some excellent rhythm work, and very powerful vocals provided by Jaqueline Kunz, sounding as good as fellow German metal crooner Doro Pesch. The production on the entire thing is fantastic, bringing out the quality of the metal contained therein.

Overall, Pounded By Our Sins is a quality independent release of some good, solid and heavy \,,/METAL\,,/ that isn’t just the usual shiny, happy melodic stuff. Recommended.