Music Review: UNDERNEATH THE GUN - The Awakening

The Awakening
This City Is Burning

Underneath The Gun was one of those metalcore bands that came and went without much fanfare. Well, not enough for me to notice on the interwebs. Not much can be gleaned about them, with about the only information that I could find being that they were from California, and they released an EP and two full-lengths before calling it quits. I came across the object of this review online, and thought I would give it a shot.

As a first-effort full-length recording, The Awakening is a perfect example of the kind of mediocre, serviceable-yet-generic deathcore that hit around the time of the so-called “New Wave Of American Heavy Metal” emergence. Basically, this is a bunch of decent death metal riffs and scatter-shot blastbeats to make this “br00tal”, with your predictable breakdowns, some gang vocals hither and yon, “solos” that consist of squelches and lazy sweep-picking rather than actual talent, and vocals that go from squeely to growly to the dreaded Piggy Style that I find a major turn-off with this style of “metal”.

I just realized, reading that last paragraph over, that I may have hit my limit of “sarcastic quotation marks” for this review. That last bit notwithstanding.

Admittedly, there are some sparks of good ideas here and there that could have resulted in something better had it been worked on a bit longer. However, in the end, I have to point out that partway through listening to The Awakening I began checking the media player to see how much longer I had to listen, which is not a good sign. Overall, for those of you young’uns who like their metal mindlessly br00tal for br00ta1ity’s sake, then here you go. As for me, there are far better examples of talented deathcore and NWOAHM bands out there. Pass.