devilcrusher - anomalia


If you know your Brazilian death metal bands (and I know you do), then you’ll recognize the name Devilcrusher to be the one the band Berith went with originally between the years of 1992 and 1995. Since I rather enjoyed Berith’s release, when I ran across this I thought I’d give it a listen, see what they were like back in the day.

Anomalia was the only release the band did while going by Devilcrusher, a cassette-only demo that consisted of seven tracks of mostly mid-paced death metal. There’s a note on the Encyclopaedia Metallum site that stated that the demo was recorded onto Digital Audio Tape. I’ve worked with DAT recording, and I have to wonder why the quality of the production here sounded like it was recorded on a standard audio tape onto a cheap 4-Track recording device.

Production quality aside, the metal contained herein is death metal that has some interesting ideas, going more for the mid-paced variety with some touches of groove and thrash here and there, and some doomy points. The vocals, unfortunately, gets buried in the muddled production.

From what I understand, this demo was just re-released on CD and under a different name, but still under the Devilcrusher moniker. I really have no intention of checking it out. Overall, it’s a good try, but not something I’ll be playing again any time soon.