ANGUIDARA - Anguidara


Anguidara was one of those bands that I ran across during my tenure of exploring the Xian Goth and Industrial scenes back in the late 1990s and early-to-mid Aughts. I remember the band offering up this self-titled collection of their music as a free download from their website, and so I snagged it that way. Now, though, I can find almost nothing on the band; the Facebook page has nothing, and the Discogs entry only lists the compilations that featured one of their songs. Nothing on this or any other type of full-length release. And since the disappearance of Flaming Fish into the cyber-ether, I can’t seem to get much of a foothold on research into this. Kind of a bummer, really. As to the self-titled release itself…

It’s rather easy to merely tag the music on this album as “industrial” and leave it at that. That would be lazy; considering that, like the metal genre, industrial has many different styles and flavors to choose from, to just say “industrial” would do a disservice to the review.

The overall style is electronic based industrial, going from heavy and catchy on the first proper cut “Plague” and “SEOS”, to more ambient and darkwave pieces like on “Operate” and “Crystalize”, while peppering this dark landscape with samples and EBM textures.

Overall, this release wasn’t too bad. It’s only 34 minutes in length, so it went by rather quick, and I found myself getting lost in the soundscape. Fans of Icon Of Coil and Apoptygma Berzerk should look into this, if you can find it.