Toda Su Sangre

Having done a bit of research on the band that’s named after a chapter and verse in the Bible (as to which one, I can only wager a wild guess…I’m betting it’s one of the Chronicles in the Old Testament), it looks like there has been two bands using that moniker: a “classic rock” style from the state of Arkansas that released one album in 2003, and a power metal band a bit more south on the map; namely, Peru from the South American land mass. I haven’t heard of the former band, nor have I seen their only release; I have, however, heard of the later 3:16, and have listened to both of their demos. So, that’s the one we’re focusing on here in this review.

Toda Su Sangre is the first demo recorded by the Peruvian band, released in  independently in 2006. I haven’t ran across much about the band itself, other than they appear to be active, according to my usual research tool for all things \,,/METAL\,,/, the Metal Archives. The music contained within is power metal, heavy melodic with some touches of speed thrown in, with lyrics that are sung in the band’s native language. The music itself is very good, with some decent riffs and shred solos. The title track has a rather good doom riff with a verging on speed metal mid point. That said…

The weakest point on this album is definitely the vocals. For whatever reason, the guy handing the vocals just cannot hit those notes the majority of the time; and when he can, it’s still quite lackluster in the delivery. Listening to them, you can’t help but cringe, being a severe distraction to the overall enjoyment of the metal. Also, once in a while some cartoonish-sounding “demon” effects show up for what sounds like a quick sneeze, then goes back to whatever it was he was doing at the time, playing Minecraft or whatever.

So, overall Toda Su Sangre shows signs of promise for a demo release, on the metal side. Some work, some spit-and-polish and something epic might sprout. The biggest change needed would be the vocals. Lackluster at best, cringe-worthy at worst, as mentioned before. I cannot point this out too much, here.