Peruvian band 3:16’s second demo release, and this time out things have evolved somewhat from the previous release. Whereas the previous demo took its cue from the power metal style, Timolaz reigns things in with more of a hard rocking metal style that sounds a bit more organic for the group. It opens with a good riff and hook on “Vivo”, then continues on with some decent mid-paced rockers and anthems on this six-song demo. Things do get a bit harder on “Timolaz II”, where flashes of their previous power metal excursions come to view, but mostly Timolaz remains in the straight up metal and hard rock vein.

Now, as far as the vocals go…they’ve improved. They clearly stuck with the same guy as last time, but there’s been some noticeable work done. Still a ways to go, but some marked improvement, I’ll give them that much. Meaning, while I was bracing for the worst when I hit the play on my media player, I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

So, overall, while this still suffers from the lackluster demo quality (for obvious reasons, not going to hold that against them), Timolaz seems to be the better demo of the two so far, assuming they are in fact still active and will be recording again sometime before Jesus returns. I think they may have found their niche with the sound here.