halloween-most-wonderful-time-of-the-year*DEEP BREATH*

Do you smell that? That, my delightful kinderschnitzel, is the intoxicating aroma of HALLOWEEN in the air. The first day of October, the month that builds up to the Most Wonderful Day of the Year, the only Holiday that matters for your Uncle NecRo…the wonderful day of HALLOWEEN! All Hallows Eve, the one day out of the year that I and my fellow Holy Undead brethren (and sistren) can really be ourselves without all those annoying “It’s not Halloween” comments from the normals.

Anyway, this also kicks off the third annual HALLOWEEN’ING series on my blog! This year, I have a bit more of a structure (I know, I know), showcasing certain things on certain days of the weeks of October. For instance, every Friday I’ll post my experiences at different local haunted house attractions in my neck of the woods, Saturdays will be dedicated to some of my favorite movies I like to break out during the Halloween season, Sundays will be for Halloween themed television episodes and specials, Mondays for checking out the various Halloween swag at local department and drug stores around the area, Tuesdays will be for books readin’ for that shot of the ol’ scary, Wednesdays I’ll be shining the spotlight on some albums for your Halloween soundtrack, and Thursdays will be more of a miscellaneous potpourri of Halloween-y odds n’ ends.

So, here’s to the start of the official countdown to HALLOWEEN! Let’s kick it off with our traditional theme to HALLOWEEN’ING, this time as covered by none other than Marilyn Manson…