If you haven’t heard of the Electric Company or have experienced the PBS Children’s Television Workshop original, then I’m afraid that you have missed out on something special. I have some very fond memories watching the original 1971-1977 run via reruns and enjoying the more mature than Sesame Street edutainment offered up in its 28 minute running time. The retro-tastic show boasted a cast consisting not only of a live action Spider-Man, but also one young up-and-comer by the name of Morgan Freeman.

Like Laurence Fishborne on Pee Wee’s Playhouse, discovering that Morgan Freeman was on a children’s show back in the day is rather mind-blowing, considering this man went on to literally play God and pull it off convincingly. Not to mention all of his other iconic performances in movies. But in the great pop culture hangover that was the 1970s, Morgan Freeman played a bevy of characters designed to amuse children while also teaching them reading and word structure. Why am I bringing up this show, you ask? Simple.

One of the characters Morgan Freeman played was Dracula. It’s right there in the title of this blog post, and everything.

Several times, Freeman donned the cape and fangs of the iconic vampire, and not to mention an amusing fake Romanian accent, and brought a certain gravitas to that character. And kudos to the show for not going with a more obvious “Blackula”, instead keeping the original name. There are several clips of this on YouTube, but unfortunately the one that I really wanted to share–the one of him singing “A Peck On The Neck”, which has stuck with me throughout childhood to this day–isn’t available as a video, just an audio. So, here’s another one to feature on this post. Enjoy the awesomeness.