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(Barnes & Noble Collectible Edition)

I’m a real sucker when it comes to gimmicky horror and ghost story collections, especially the ones that the big chain bookstore Barnes & Noble churns out ever now and again. Usually these are cheaper versions made specifically for their discount priced rack; once in a while, though, something pops up in their Collectible Editions line that bears attention. Such as this one here, Classic Horror Stories.

Since this is part of their Collectible Editions line, this tome is beautifully rendered to look like one of those kinds of books that are always in Victorian era bookshelves in movies. Classy. Bonded leather, gilded pages, even a built-in ribbon bookmark so you’ll never lose your place. But, what the real treat to this is located between the covers.

There are some very classic stories from the masters of the genre from back in the day: Edgar Allan Poe (“The Black Cat”, “The Masque of the Red Death”, “The Fall of the House of Usher”), J. Sheridan Le Fanu (“The Watcher”, “Schalken the Painter”), Ambrose Bierce (“The Middle Toe of the Right Foot”, “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”), Henry James (“The Ghostly Rental”, “The Jolly Corner”), Bram Stoker (“The Judge’s House”, “The Squaw”), Guy de Maupassant (“Was It A Dream?” “The Horla”), Robert Louis Stevenson (“The Body-Snatcher”), Mary E. Wilkins Freeman (“The Wind in the Rose-Bush”, “The Shadows on the Wall”), F. Marion Crawford (“The Upper Berth”), E. Nesbit (“Man-Size In Marble”), Arthur Conan Doyle (“Lot No. 249”, “The Horror of the Heights”), Edith Wharton (“The Eyes”, “Afterward”), M. R. James (“Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad”, “Count Magnus”), Arthur Machen (“The Great God Pan”, “Novel of the White Powder”), W. W. Jackson (“The Monkey’s Paw”), Robert W. Chambers (“The Yellow Sign”), E. F. Benson (“Caterpillars”, “Negotium Perambulans”), Algernon Blackwood (“The Windigo”, “The Willows”), Oliver Onions (“The Beckoning Fair One”), William Hope Hodgson (“The Derelict”, “The Voice in the Night”), Henry S. Whitehead (“August Heat”, “The Ankardyne Pew”), and what collection would be complete without the great H. P. Lovecraft (“The Colour out of Space”, “The Dunwich Horror”)?

For twenty bucks, not only do you lend some gravitas to your bookshelf, but you can truly kick it old-school with a proper scare that only your imagination can give you.