halloweening-2016-logoHaunted House Fridays:



Haunted house attractions are a staple of the Halloween season. Naturally. Here in my neck of the woods in Omaha, there are a handful of attractions that open up usually in mid-September through the final day of October. One of the newer attractions to open up this year is just outside of the Elkhorn area of Omaha, Camp Fear.

There’s much to like about this one; you get your standard “haunted forest” walk-thru, titled Bloodrush Forest of Terror, but there’s also a Z Bunker Toxic Haunt and Shoot, where you shoot at zombies with paint guns, and an option to camp overnight for the ultimate living horror movie experience.

But, the one thing that really grabs my attention about this haunted attraction is the 62 horror movies they’re playing throughout the season, outdoors drive-in style. Only, not in your cars. You bring your own lawn chair and your own cooler, sit down and enjoy a double feature on Thursday nights, a triple feature on Fridays and Saturdays, and a “Retro Horror” double feature on Sunday nights. On October 29th, they’re showing the Husker game followed by one movie, because Nebraskans are scarier about our adherence to our college football than any masked killer you can run into in the woods.