Scary Movie Nite:



It’s movie night, and you’re wondering what to stick on the telly to get that spine-tingling fix for the Halloween season. You decide on a classic in the genre: Vampires! But, they can’t be of the sparkly, broody pretty-boy variety, but also post-modern with a nice nod to the classic horror flicks of yore. Well, look no further than the classic Fright Night from 1985!

No, I’m not talking about that remake from 2011. I’m talking about the original, with a 20-something teenager suspecting that his neighbor is a vampire, and must enlist the help of his girlfriend, best friend, and the host of a local Creature Feature show to expose the truth and take him out. It stars two future Fox Primetime sitcom actors (Herman’s Head and Married…With Children), Susan Sarandon’s first husband, and the late, great Roddy McDowall bringing some gravitas to a campy yet effective script that could only be a product from the 1980s. Because they tried to recreate the magic in 2011. With the guy who played Bullseye in the Daredevil movie. Yeah.

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