Halloween Soundtracks:

GOTHIC (Nox Arcana)

If you’ve never heard of Nox Arcana…don’t feel too bad. I hadn’t been tipped off about this two-man project until just last year, when I noted that the similarly styled group Midnight Syndicate had released a Christmas album on my Facebook page, and someone mentioned that I might want to check out Nox Arcana as well. So I did, and my gosh, WHERE WAS I WHEN THEY WERE RELEASING ALL THESE WONDROUS ALBUMS?

Nox Arcana plays a style of music that is a mix of neo-classical, ambient, rock and New Age wrapped up in a dark Gothic tapestry that relies on setting a mood rather than producing danceable pop hits.

Gothic was chosen here because it was the first album of theirs that I purchased on Amazon. And boy howdy, is this some good, moody ambient classical music. It’s perfect to play in the background, set to some candles, sitting in a Victorian-era high backed chair, taking in the shadows as they dance across the walls. What I’m trying to say is, this is high-quality background music you can listen to not just on Halloween, for enhancing the ambiance of your setting.