Last year, I volunteered for one night at the Haunted Corn Maze just outside of the unincorporated town of Fontenelle. For the most of the season, it’s your regular, family-friendly corn maze. But, for the last two weekends of October, after twilight time, volunteers hide in the maze and have one mission: give those who traverse the maze a proper fright.

The story of how I managed to get part of this is kind of unconventional. That year, while accompanying the youth group to the corn maze one early October evening, I had a secret plan: while they entered and started exploring the maze, I was going to dress up in a “psychobilly with skinned pig mask) outfit, and just stand in place midway where I knew they were going to be coming. I was going more for the “creepy scare” than the “BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!” jump scare. It’s more my thing. And it was rather effective. Effective enough to have the owner of the maze ask if I was free for the Haunted Corn Maze nights.

Anyway, it’s all pretty simple yet fun nights of spooky wackiness for the entire family. Every year, the theme for the maze is different, and there’s a Short Exit that allows you to leave mid-way through the maze, so that the kids who have a less-than-brave constitution don’t have to endure what awaits them beyond in the corn field. After the point of no return, however, I hope you used the bathroom, because there’s no telling what lurks for you behind the next corner! Usually clowns. With chainsaws. It’s always clowns. Or psychotic hillbillies in skinned pig masks. Whatever.