Scary Movie Nite:


Saturday night! Time for a fright! Okay, yeah, that was cheesy, even for me. I apologize, that was uncalled for. Moving along, then…

If, however, you do like a bit of cheese mixed in with your frights, might I suggest a viewing of the 1988 B-Movie classic Night Of The Demons? It’s the time-tested tale of a bunch of “teenagers” having a party on Halloween night at the local haunted house, and in the process inadvertently unleash a long-dormant evil that gleefully possesses the kids one by one until the light of dawn.

Yes, there was a remake of Night Of The Demons, back in 2009. But while that was pretty decent in its own right, it still lacks the charm and gleeful abandon that was the 1988 original. So, pop it in and have some fun. And if Bauhaus starts playing by itself…run…

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