Halloween Soundtracks:


Midnight Syndicate

Surly you’ve heard of Midnight Syndicate. If you haven’t, then you haven’t been paying attention to the Halloween season enough.

More than just your average producer of Halloween sound FX albums, Midnight Syndicate creates what they call soundtracks to movies that don’t exist. They stick mainly to the darker aesthetics of ambient music, with albums that have a thematic concept behind them. Like if Mannheim Steamroller was raised on Hammer Films and frequet visits to the Batcave Club in London.

Carnival Arcane was the second Midnight Syndicate album I acquired. The first was their Christmas album, so that doesn’t count here, I’m afraid (as great as that album is). The theme here is turn-of-the-century traveling circus carnivals. Think calliopes. Think dark merry-go-rounds. Think clowns and greasepaint. Think freak shows. Funhouses and sinister side-shows. Less Greatest Show On Earth, more Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Want something a bit different from your stock haunted house sounds? Check out this album some time. You’ll never look at funnel cake and cotton candy the same way again.