You wake up one mourning only to discover that there is a gnawing hunger that just doesn’t seem to be satisfied with your normal “food” you have lying around the house. You shamble outside, moaning for relief from this hunger, only to discover that only the tender flesh of the innocent will sate this ravenous emptiness.

Don’t worry, though. Zombie Burger‘s got you covered.

With three locations in the unsuspecting metropolis of Des Moines, Iowa (which, I’m told, is French for “The Moines”), the Zombie Burger + Drink Lab is a horror and zombie enthusiast’s dream eatery. The ultimate in post-apocalyptic dining, Zombie Burger offers a wide variety of zombie movie-themed burgers that are guaranteed to satisfy your hunger.

Seriously, if you’re inclined to a road trip for a bite and some zombie lovin’ (er…that didn’t sound as weird in my head before I typed that) this Halloween season, take a trip to one of the three Zombie Burger locations in Des Moines.