Movie night time! And here, we have one of my all-time favorite zombie flicks that doesn’t have the George A. Romero stamp on it. Though, to be fare, it does have the petigre. See, the producer of Return Of The Living Dead – John Russo – once collaborated with Romero on the classic Night Of The Living Dead; after they parted ways, Russo retained the rights to using “Living Dead” in the title, whereas Romero could created his own “Of The Dead” universe. And thus, the creation of a zom-com classic.

The Return Of The Living Dead went far to not only creating a comedy horror sub-genre, but introduced the now-classic trope of zombies craving brains to eat, rather than just eating human flesh. The story goes that the events from Night Of The Living Dead were real, as canisters of the toxic military experiment that reanimates the dead wound up in the basement of a medical supply warehouse in Louisville. Of course, the undead terror is accidentally unleashed, with a series of domino effects that result in the entire population of the town’s living impaired getting suddenly reanimated. Wackiness ensues.

Not only are the effects great, and the zombie wackiness highly entertaining, the soundtrack itself–featuring cuts from notable death rock and punk bands–is worth the rental itself. There were sequels, yes, but they all pale when compared to the original. It has just the right amounts of horror and campy comedy to make this a classic.