Halloween Television Of Doom:


MIRROR, MIRROR (Amazing Stories)

Say what you will about the 1980s, but some amazing stuff came out of that era, especially in the realm of fantasy, science fiction and horror television and movies. It may be due to nostalgia glasses, sure; but it’s hard to argue otherwise when you remember that the 80s was the height of one of the most creative directors to ever be part of molding my childhood imagination, one Steven Spielberg. Who, as it turns out, created the one anthology programs I watched pretty much religiously as a tween.

Of these episodes of the two-season series, the First Season episode “Mirror, Mirror” is one of those that sticks out in my brain. Mainly due to the fact that this episode, unlike many of the other previous ones, was straight up horror. It even came with that disclaimer that this episode has some very intense and possibly disturbing content…let’s face it, seeing that at the beginning of any fantasy-based television show is pretty much guaranteeing me to watch it. It tells the tale of a writer of horror novels that, while extremely popular, is rather jaded when it comes to actual supernatural happenings and such. Then, after an encounter with a rather enthusiastic fan, he begins to see a shadowy phantom man stalking him whenever he looks into a mirror or any reflective surface. I won’t tell you how it ends, but it will stick with you, I can tell you that much.

At the age of 12, I didn’t really care that this episode was directed by the great Martin Scorsese, or stared the likes of Sam Waterson, Tim Robbins, or…okay, maybe I did geek out a bit at Dick Cavett playing himself on his own show. Only because I was a weird kid. But the point is, “Mirror, Mirror” is a great television episode that you can watch with all the lights off this Halloween season, for just the right amount of skin-crawling terror.

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