During the heyday of the DC Comics imprint Vertigo, there was a short-lived but rather intriguing title House of Secrets that ran from 1996 through 1998. While it shared the same title as that of the long-running Silver Age anthology comic, it really was its own entity.

The first five issue of the Vertigo series was collected in a trade paperback in 1997, which is the format I bought in 2000 after reading about it in an issue of Wizard Magazine. I miss Wizard Magazine. Anyway, the story follows disaffected Gen X Grunge trope Rain Harper as she arrives in Seattle (of course) and eventually holes up in a derelict house with another street waif, a house that has the tendency to transform into a haunted mansion presided by the ghostly, otherworldly Juris, which is like a supernatural courtroom for souls who are harboring secrets.

This being a Vertigo series, obviously this isn’t for the squeamish. This is really more dark, psychological horror than visceral body horror, which goes more for a slow cold crawl into the psyche. Think Turn of the Screw for the Nirvana crowd.