As we draw close to the end of October, and thus the Big Night, it seems inevitable that I should finally put the spotlight on the classic John Carpenter slasher flick named after the night of all nights. I mean, sure, last year I posted about the third entry in the series; this one, though, is the classic that started it all, and remains the best one nearly 40 years later.

Despite having actually enjoyed the Rob Zombie remake (I seem to be one of the few), I prefer this one, simply because the mystery that is Michael Myers is one that isn’t explained, and thus much more chilling. There’s no rhyme or reason behind Myers’ insanity, even after fifteen years of being incarcerated and studied by one Doctor Loomis since he was six years old. Myers escapes and returns back to his old homestead, dressed in a jumpsuit and a modified Captain Kirk mask, and makes with the stalking and the stabby-stabby, making a certain babysitter’s night a living hell.

After all this time, viewing this classic still holds up, and is very effective with building the tension with a minimalist style that adds to the effects. If you haven’t seen this one yet, you must watch it at least once. In the dark. Preferably with the wind howling outside, the trees scratching against the window panes.