The television sit-com Rosanne ran from 1989 thru to 1997, and had one recurring thing in almost every season of its run: the annual Halloween episode. Sure, other television shows would have Halloween-themed episodes, but Rosanne seemed to genuinely revel in the holiday, generating a kind of excitement that was kind of infectious.

“BOO!” was the first of many Halloween episodes, airing in the show’s second season (the first season didn’t have one, for whatever reason). Here, the family is getting ready for the big night by turning their entire house into a haunted attraction, while Rosanne is trying her best to scare Dan while he’s waiting to hear about an important business deal, and trying to get their moody eldest daughter Becky back into the Halloween spirit.

While it’s not my favorite of the Rosanne Halloween episodes, “BOO!” is the first, and is the template for which was to come, so it bears first mention out of all of them.