a-hill-to-die-upon-infinite-titanic-immortalA HILL TO DIE UPON
Infinite Titanic Immortal
Bombworks Records

Back near the end of the first decade of the 21st Century, the metal scene in America was pretty much dominated with metalcore, mallcore and what has now been termed the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal. Bands like Underoath, Zao, Demon Hunter and the like were mixing the brutality of death metal with the emotional somethingorother of melodic emo, to varying degrees of success. Sure, it was a big hit for the kiddie metalheads who were growing tired of the Nu Metal of the late 90s; but for a lot of us, getting just a straight-up death metal fix without having to import from Europe or beyond was becoming a rare thing. Which is why, when a band like A Hill To Die Upon comes around, it’s kind of something special.

Hailing from the state of Illinois, A Hill To Die Upon not only play a style of melodic death metal with blackened undertones that you normally would have to seek out in the Scandinavian countries, but they play it very, very well. Their debut album, Infinite Titanic Immortal, is a testament to how good this band is.

After your standard instrumental introduction, we’re then treated to a facefull of heavy melodic death metal that reminds one of the early Extol albums, with a touch of Ethereal Scourge and even some Lament For The Weary era Seventh Angel flavoring. The riffs are fantastic, and the \,,/METAL\,,/ itself is thick and heavy and furious, tight and well played. The production is good, and with only one acoustic interlude instrumental near the end of the thing (“We Soulless Men”) to break the momentum.

Overall, Infinite Titanic Immortal is a fantastic and solid melodic death metal album. It features prominently in my Brutality Mix, and comes highly recommended.