music-review_-7-horns-7-eyes-throes-of-absolution7 HORNS 7 EYES
Throes Of Absolution
Century Media

Back when I reviewed the 6-song EP from 7 Horns 7 Eyes, I made mention that this would be a band to keep an eye on for future releases, as they had the potential to produce something huge and crushing. Five years after the release of that EP, they released the full-length Throes Of Absolution, and boy was I vindicated in that assessment.

First of all, if you’re old like I am and have your misgivings about the whole New Wave Of American Heavy Metal scene, let me reassure you: think more Lamb Of God style, and not As I Lay Dying. This is a mid-paced and heavy modern death metal style, with some thick hooks and rhythms, a bombastic rhythm, and some very dark atmospherics for texture that makes the entirety of Throes Of Absolution a very solid listening experience like none other. There are no whiny emo vocals, just intense death metal vox with some black metal thrown in for effect. The entire thing is produced superbly, and it’s a full solid release from beginning to end.

Word has it that the band may have called it quits after releasing Throes Of Absolution. I hope not. Regardless, this comes highly recommended.