Former Life Departure

One of the great things about maintaining a blog in one form or another that allows me to share my interests in the scientifically proven music of awesome is getting to discover and share releases by bands and artists in the genre that, had this not been the internet age, may have slipped through the cracks immediately. Take, for instance, this particular release by Texas band Syringe, Former Life Departure.

First recorded and released by the band in 2002, Former Life Departure was then re-recorded ten years after the fact, with an advanced track list. Both times around, I was aware of the band itself, but the first time around there wasn’t a way for me to get ahold of the release outside of ordering by way of mail. Since I’m a bit wary of that practice (I shall relinquish my metalhead card when you pry it from my cold, smelly and dead hands), I could listen to a couple of tracks online, but that was it. Remember, this was from before legally buying a download of an album was made as easy as it is nowadays.

The re-recorded re-release version, however, is available on Bandcamp, which is where I got this particular copy. It should go without saying that I haven’t heard the original recording to compare quality, so I’m going to not dwell on that. What I will dwell on is the collection of multi-textured death metal that is contained on this version that I have. And what a collection it is. Kicking off with “Age Of Innocence”, we’re treated with a furiously paced number with a great riff and some good bangover quality. “Double Curiosity” has a nice doomy opening, which leads into some textured thrashy riffing, and “Hellraizer” (see what they did, there?) has a nice infectious groove that’s almost Djent in its execution. For the most part, the entirety of Former Life Departure is chock full of this kind of death metal that doesn’t settle into a rut, with progressive bits, some black metal shading, groove metal and doom mixed in, yielding some furious and choice riffs and face-melting rhythms that will snap your head back and give you whiplash. The last two cuts on the album, “Shield” has an acoustic opening, and is kind of a ballad that gets heavier as it progresses, kind of like “Sanitarium” or “Fade To Black” by Metallica; and “Twisted Words also is kind of a dark ballad that suddenly turns furious blackened death metal to the unsuspecting listener.

Overall, Former Life Departure is a good, solid collection of multi-textured death metal that you should look into. It’s available for download at Bandcamp, as I mentioned earlier, so there’s really no excuse not to do so.