Smoke Dogg

Well, if there’s a consensus about anything, it’s that the year that is soon to be was 2016 sucked for a lot of people. It was a hard year, filled with many losses, with few actual bright spots to cling to. Fortunately, after this year is done, we have one bright spot to look forward to: the release of the new Klank album, Rise.

Yes, that’s the lead-in I went with. Because it’s my review on my blog, that’s why. I can’t believe I’m arguing with the voices again. Moving on…

Yes, it’s true. After a five year stretch between the release of Urban Warfare, the man behind the name of Klank recorded another album for me to add to my Personal Life Soundtrack to obsess over. While it’s not due to be released until January 13th of 2017, and while I normally wait until the official release before buying my own copy to listen to and review, I broke my own long-standing rule about that when offered the chance to listen to the pre-release copy. Because KLANK, that’s why. I believe I’ve used that expression before. And for those of you who are anxiously awaiting the release date and may have some questions as to what to expect with Rise, well…okay…let me tell you.

To say that Rise picks up where Urban Warfare leaves off would be doing this review a cliched disservice. Urban Warfare Pt. 2, this is not. Rise features a heavier and much more honed focus on the industrial metal we’ve come to love from Klank.

Since this is a pre-release review, I’d rather not spoil things too much with a track-by-track analysis like I’m tempted to do; I will say, though, that Rise is quality industrial metal, featuring a solid collection of heavy guitar riffs and harsh electronics complementing the vocals to lyrics that are exceptionally motivational, real grab life by the boys and yaaaaank kind of metal. Save for the one instrumental in the mix.

Overall, I would have to say the wait for Rise was very much worth it. Let me put it to you this way: While you can pre-order the album now (right here) and get a couple of tracks from the album for download right now, I have to say that those two aren’t my favorite from the overall set. They’re great tracks, yes, but there’s so much more waiting for you, come Friday, January 13th. The luckiest day for the Klank Nation.

Yes, I went with that for the sign-off. Stupid voices…