band-in-black-the-high-noonThe BAND IN BLACK
High Noon

It seems like an odd choice of an album to be included in the collection of someone like your Uncle NecRo. But, that’s probably because you were still unaware of my affinity for the country outlaw that was legendary Johnny Cash. I do have a taste for the twangy outlaw country and western style of the mid-20th Century, and it’s always amusing the see the looks on people’s faces when they come across something like this while perusing my collection. Anyway, on to the band.

The Band In Black started off as a Johnny Cash tribute band featuring two members of the equally legendary band One Bad Pig. You might recall that the two icons teamed up to cover Cash’s song “The Man In Black” on One Bad Pig’s I Scream Sunday release. Well, seems that recently, in between One Bad Pig coming out of retirement once in a while, members Lee Haley and Daniel Tucek formed The Band In Black in 2004 as a Johnny Cash tribute band. Over time, they began writing original songs in the same vein as Cash, which eventually led to this particular release.

The music falls squarly within the “outlaw country” style: twangy, mournful with a gravely crooner, with a story telling style to the songs played at what I can only refer to as an introspective mosey. From what I understand, the song “City Lights” feature a couple of members of Cash’ band, which brings the whole Johnny Cash Tribute thing full-circle. Or something like that.

On the whole, High Noon is…all right. The songs are fine, and they don’t try to vear off into rockabilly or even the so-called “alternative country” I keep hearing about. But, for some reason or another, I just didn’t find the vocalist’s delivery to have the same kind of gravitas that is needed for this kind of music. But, it’s not bad for when I get into the mood for this kind of musical escursian into notMETAL.