Babylon Ablaze
First Paradox Metal Records

Docile is…okay, was a melodic death metal band from the Netherlands that released a demo called Babylon Ablaze and then remastered it and re-released it with a couple of new songs that same year. Then they changed their name to Burial Earth and continued on with the progressive melodic death metal style, only not as Docile. So, technically the band is still together, but not using the name on this release that I’m reviewing right now.

That pointless bit of confluence of words aside, concerning Babylon Ablaze itself, this is a pretty good chunk of heavy melodic death metal that reminds one of the earlier days of In Flames and At The Gates, utilizing some technical riffs along with some tight and heavy complex rhythms. There’s some very good metal going on here, with some rather good production quality to the songs. Mind you, I only have the re-released remastered version of this album, and I have no idea what quality production the original demo release had. Speaking of which, the last two songs on this are the two bonus songs mentioned; “Rewrite The Drama” is decent and interesting, though not exactly comparable to the previous five tracks, and “Embodiment Of Lies” begins ambient, then turns to a ferocious death metal attack that ends the release nicely.

Overall, Babylon Ablaze is worth checking out, as it’s not your standard issue death metal release.