music-review_-demon-hunter-the-world-is-a-thornDEMON HUNTER
The World Is A Thorn
Solid State Records

Back in 2010, when buzz was building about the new Demon Hunter album that was to be released, the words “Heaviest one yet!” and “Most melodic to date!” were pretty much interchangeable, depending on which periodical or blog site you were seeing this at. Also bandied about was that The World Is A Thorn was set to be the bestest release for the band evah! Like, for realsies, and stuff.

Please don’t mistake my sarcasm for hatred or bile. It’s due to mild disappointment, really. Because, while Demon Hunter have traversed down that road before, here the melodic elements seem to be more of the focus. Because, while the songs on The World Is A Thorn do get heavy, it’s more of the kind that you would find on most modern metal radio formats. That’s neither good nor bad, just…different than what was expected with Demon Hunter.

The opening cut, “Descending Upon Us”, has a majestic sounding opening, then settles into a heavy and solid cut with a melodic chorus. Then next cut, “LifeWar” is a simple, straight-ahead plod-along that does get a bit monotonous. Not bad, but a bit more Nu Metal than expected. “Collapsing” start off with an electronic keyboard riff, then veers once again into Modern Heavy Rock/Nu Metal territory. It’s catchy and melodic, yes; like I said earlier, it sounds like something that can be heard on the radio, easily. This same kind of pattern can be heard on cuts like “This Is The Line”, “Shallow Water” and “Feel As Though You Could”, while there are a couple of ballads with “Diving Nails” and the album closer “Blood In The Tears”.

Before you think that there’s really nothing remarkable about The World Is A Thorn, there are three standout gems in this: the title track, which is thrash metal in execution, which makes me wonder why they didn’t just stay with that. It’s awesome. “Tie This Around Your Neck” is nice and heavy, and “Just Breathe” is another example of the band utilizing electronics, but here it’s lending a darker hue to something already heavy and anthemic.

Overall, with only three cuts that I found to be worth repeating, buried in a bunch of more formulaic fare (I shuddered writing that), I’m going to have to say that The World Is A Thorn was more than a bit disappointing. It’s far from terrible; it’s just something of a departure of what I dig about Demon Hunter.