music-review_-demon-hunter-true-defianceDEMON HUNTER
True Defiance
Solid State Records

As it turns out, I actually heard True Defiance before having listened to the previous release, The World Is A Thorn. Which, as it turns out, was fortuitous, as I have a feeling if I did, I wouldn’t have been so quick to listen to anything they put out afterwards. As it stands, since True Defiance was the follow-up to The World Is A Thorn, it proves that Demon Hunter still has the heavy inside them. Or, maybe it’s a case of finding that balance between the heavy and the melodic, without sounding like they’re pandering.

The album opens up with the face-smasher “Crucifix”, then segues into the mid-paced yet heavy “God Forsaken”, which has a rather good metal riff at the end. For the most part, Demon Hunter really hits them out of the park, with cuts “My Destiny”, “Wake”, “Someone To Hate” and “This I Know”, mixing the abrasive heavy with the darker melodic tones. “Means To An End” is an acoustic instrumental that keeps the whole melancholy vibe; “We Don’t Care” leans more towards nu metal and metalcore, but has a fantastic guitar solo in there. The album closer, “Dead Flowers”, is a ballad. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Overall, as a follow-up to The World Is A Thorn, True Defiance seems to be a step in the right direction with the further evolution of Demon Hunter’s sound. It’s a fairly solid and heavy release, with a couple of ballads spaced in pretty evenly, but mostly keeping to the heavier side of things. Really, they seem to be going more for a HIM kind of vibe the further they progress. Good album, when all is said and done.