music-review_-demon-hunter-live-in-nashvilleDEMON HUNTER
Live In Nashville
Solid State Records

After four studio albums, Demon Hunter went on a headlining tour with the likes of Living Sacrifice, and recorded the show stop in Nashville for both a live DVD and CD. Since, I’m told, the show on the DVD is identical to the CD, I of course decided to get the CD download from Amazon. I like to let my head imagine what the show was like, and all. And yes, I realize there’s a documentary DVD included in the 45 Days release, but maybe later. Right now, it’s about the METAL.

One question I’ve always had about Demon Hunter was, how well could they pull off their songs in a live setting? Particularly, the vocals, as you know are rather intricately layered between the harsh and the clean singing. After listening to this, the answer would be, pretty good. Ryan Clark seems to know his limitations in the live setting, but comes close to replicating things.

As a live album, Live In Nashville manages to captures the energy of the show, both from the band and the audience going ballistic. After an introductory bit featuring a clip from the movie 300, the band rips right into “Storm The Gates Of Hell”, kicking things off rather well. From there, they play some choice cuts from Demon Hunter (“Infected”), Summer Of Darkness (“My Heartstrings Come Undone”, “Not Ready To Die”), The Triptych (“Ribcage”, “The Soldier’s Song”, “Undying”, “The Flame That Guides Us Home/Not I”), and of course Storm The Gates Of Hell (“Lead Us Home”, “I Am You”, “Carry Me Down”, “Fading Away”, “Sixteen”). Of course, they would lean heavier on the cuts from Storm The Gates Of Hell, as they were touring in support of it at the time.

The sound quality is great, you really get a feel of what the band is like in a live setting, and the crowd participation with singing along at certain points along with the banter is what having a live album is all about. Overall, I’ve never had the chance to see Demon Hunter live (as of yet); listening to Live In Nashville is at least a great substitute for that bit of oversight. Recommended.