music-review-grave-robber-straight-to-hellGRAVE ROBBER
Straight To Hell
Rottweiler Records

After four years after the release of their last full-length, Grave Robber released a four-song EP in both the CD and 7″ Vinyl formats. Well, also as a downloadable purchase in the MP3 format on Amazon, which is how I got my copy. Again, this is due to lack of physical space to store all of my music hording. I’d rather have the 7″ version, but at the moment that’s not a viable option. Livin’ the life, people.

Straight To Hell is vintage Grave Robber, hard and heavy punk rock with a strong sci-fi horror bent, giving us a short but decidedly sweet shot of much-needed horror punk, Misfits style. The EP opens with the straight forward metal power of the title track, which is guaranteed to get your fist pumping in the air along with the anthemic chorus. “Hunger Haunts” is a classic horror punk rock ditty that was also used in advertisements for Canadian Feed The Children, with its message that the eyes of a hungry child should haunt us more than the made-up monsters we see on the movie and television screens. The final two cuts, “Beast Of Busco” and “Mummator” are fun graveyard rock tunes that close out the EP’s all-too-short 11 minute run time.

While one would argue that having a full-length instead of a four-song 7″ EP would have been preferable, I knew of some of the constraints working against Grave Robber with being able to release new material. I say, I’m happy getting new Grave Robber songs in whatever length and format they choose to give. Also, collectable EPs are cool. They only released a limited number of the vinyl 7-inches, but there’s also the CDs and of course the MP3 downloads you can purchase from Amazon and Bandcamp. Here’s hoping for more in the near future; for now, enjoy a nice shot of quality horror punk rock.