music-review_-acoustic-torment-my-hope-is-in-youACOUSTIC TORMENT
My Hope Is In You

Acoustic Torment is (or perhaps “was”; their status is listed as “unknown” at the Metal Archives, and one of the members runs Whirlwind Records, so they may just be on indefinite hiatus for all I know) a death metal band from Germany that released two full-length album thus far. I’ve already reviewed their second album Schwarzwald, and now I’m finally getting around to reviewing their first release, My Hope Is In You. Life is wacky like that.

Anyway, I first discovered the existence of Acoustic Torment by way of one of those compilation CDs that was put out by the late and lamented Blastbeats Records, of which I picked up at their merch table back at Cornerstone 1999. The cut “Environmental Disaster” was one here, and I was…not too overly impressed at the time. It was straight-forward thrashy death metal, in the same vein as early Morbid Angel, with what seemed to be an environmental bent to the song, which was definitely unique, but nothing that really grabbed me by the throat with just that cut.

Flash forward a few years (okay, a bit more than just a “few years”), and I finally get around to snagging a copy of My Hope Is In You. It couldn’t hurt to give the entire thing a spin; the cut on the compilation couldn’t have been the best representation of the band’s output, right? I mean, I did enjoy their second album, so getting this off of their Bandcamp page seemed like the thing to do.

Having finally given My Hope Is In You a thorough spin or three, I can attest that it is a decent enough collection of straight-forward classic death metal, in the vein of the old school masters like the aforementioned Morbid Angel, Obituary and early Mortification. Much of it has a doom flavor to it, with a couple of cuts going for the thrashy death metal style on “Environmental Disaster”, “Indifferent Humanity”, and album ender “Praise The Lord”. The title track is Paramaecium-inspired doom death metal, slow and gut-churning. The band isn’t afraid to incorporate the Grandfather’s Guitars and troubadour style singing on the opening parts of “Sick World” and “Atomic Threat”. The big epic on this one is “Total Global Annihilation And The Return Of Jesus Christ”, a ten-minute-plus death metal track that’s pretty straight-forward in its execution.

I have to say, the production on My Hope Is In You is a bit thin, but it’s nothing that detracts completely from the listening. Some would say it imbues the death metal contained on here with a certain rawness that can’t be achieved with top-notch production. Regardless, My Hope Is In You was a decent listen, and just as I suspected, the one cut I listened to all those years ago wasn’t the best representation of the music. It’s worth a look see, and it’s available on Bandcamp for the purchasable download, after being long out of print in physical form.