Eternal Sun
SkyBurnsBlack Records

I’ve been reviewing albums since I was 18, all the way back in 1992, back in a time when I had to journey into the local town to purchase what was available for a simple Eastern Nebraska rural dweller to get his grubby mits on. And since I specialize in the Xian side of the metals, you can imagine how limited my choices were back in the day. That’s why, now in my 40s and still cranking away at this, I prefer this modern era than to the so-called “good old days”, simply because of more places I can get my \,,/METAL\,,/ fix. Like Bandcamp. Where I stumbled upon the SkyBurnsBlack Records page, which is where I discovered this little gem, the three-song EP Eternal Sun by California melodic death metal group Above The Storm.

Hailing from Santa Cruz, so far this appears to be the only release from the group. Rather a pity, as spinning this all-too-short EP shows a lot of promise fo possible future offerings from the band. This is melodic death metal, much in line with the likes of Immortal Souls, Children Of Bodom (without all the gratuitous sweep picking) and At The Gates. There are some great thrashy riffs, with some furious rhythms and blackened vocals and some standard singing mixed in. Really, the entire EP kicks you directly in the face from the first note, and continues to do so right up to the end, where they give you a bit of a respite with a melodic break on the last song on the album, “Underdogs”. The production is top-notch, and the musicianship is tight throughout the paltry not-even-16 minute run time. In fact, that’s about the only whiny complaint I have about Eternal Sun: it’s too brief. I was just getting warmed up, here, and now it’s over. Hate when that happens.

Bottom line: Eternal Sun shows much promise. I hope they have at least a couple of full-lengths in them, as it would be a pity that they would turn out to be a one-and-done type band. Pick this one up on the Bandcamp page, as I deem this Check This One Out quality.