abated mass of flesh - brutal deathABATED MASS OF FLESH
Brutal Death
Rottweiler Records

In 2013, Tennessee-based deathcore outfit Abated Mass Of Flesh released their second EP on the Rottweiler Records label, entitled Brutal Death. Clocking in at 18 minutes, Brutal Death continues on in the “BR00TAL” deathcore style that their first release brought forth, your basic mid-paced chunky death metal riffs, backed-up septic tank style vocals, no solos, , some blastbeats and some movie clips thrown in here and there. In other words, your standard serviceable slab of basic deathcore, with not much deviation therein, which has the effect of things getting rather monotonous and stale mid-way through. And there are only seven tracks on here. The production is good, though, so that’s a plus mark there. Also, at no time do they venture into the whole “pig squeal” vocal territory. They come close on the track “Iniquitous Decimation”, but they don’t, so another plus in their favor.

Really, I can’t find much to talk about Brutal Death, other than it’s a decent bit of grinding deathcore brutality that kind of gets stale after a bit. It’s definitely not bad, as I’ve heard worse from the genre; but my attention began to wander, and for an EP length that isn’t even 20 minutes long, that’s not exactly working in favor of relistenability for me.