Metal Unblack
InChrist Records

Christageddon is the black metal side project of Kristian, the main guy behind The Synics Awakening, another great underground black/death metal project that needs to be talked about more, in my not-so-humble opinion.

When it comes to genre, it’s pretty self-evident from the get-go what you’re getting just by the title alone. No ambiguity here. Refreshing, really. The album starts off with a brief intro of ambient sirens and marching, with voice over narration, then leads into the face melting thrash-based black metal onslaught of “Defending The Throne Of YHWH”. There’s some great riffs and touches of melodic playing that keep the songs from bleeding together and creating a sonic sludge in total; while “Baptized In Sacred Blood”, “Full Armor Of God” and “Christageddon (Metal UnBlack)” have that full-tilt sandblasting quality to the metal, there are also cuts that have more of a mid-paced heavy quality that works well (“Carry My Cross”, “At The Throne Of Judgment”), with a couple having almost a doomy quality to things (“The Lamb Shall Rise”, “Psalm Of Eternal Hope”), as well as a straight-up instrumental (“Satanic Forces Burned To Ashes”).

There seems to be an edition of Metal UnBlack that includes covers of seven Horde songs after the album cuts. I did not purchase this version, as I was unaware of its existence, and I think that comes with the physical CD copy of the album, and my edition is an MP3 download I purchased off of Bandcamp. Either that or Amazon. One of the two. Probably Bandcamp. Can’t be bothered to double check at the moment. Sorry.

Anyway, overall, Metal UnBlack is a good, solid collection of traditional black metal in the vein of Horde, Ceremonial Sacred and Elgibbor that you should check out some time. The production is good, and the lyrics will make any unblack metal warrior raise their metal horns in salute. And now I want to try and find their covers of the Horde songs.