halloween'ing 2017
friday the 13th
Now, this is a special day, indeed. It’s not every year that we have a Friday the 13th in the month of October. Superstitious or not, having one during the Halloween season is a special kind of frosting on this proverbial cake. And what better way to celebrate than to have a marathon of the classic Friday The 13th movies? Okay, maybe a little too on-the-nose, but this doesn’t happen too often, either.

I would recommend going with the first movie from 1981, then Part 4 (“The Final Chapter”…yeah, right), and then Part 6 (“Jason Lives”). Why these, instead of going the sequential route? Well, for one, I did watch all of the movies back-to-back once. Keep in mind I’m a well-seasoned horror fan; I don’t recommend doing this for your standard novice. These three I consider the best of the classic era: The first one setting things up, where you don’t even see Jason until the very end (but you do see a young Kevin Bacon get offed rather nicely); Part 4 has Jason go up against perhaps his greatest nemesis, Corey Feldman; and Part 6 is where we finally get the classic Jason we all know and love, Unstoppable Zombie Jason!

FRIDAY The 13th
FRIDAY The 13th: The Final Chapter
FRIDAY The 13th: Jason Lives