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“I heard you struck my son.”
“Yes, sir, I did.”
“And may I ask why?”
“Yeah, well, because he stole John Wick’s car, sir, and, uh, killed his dog.”

A former hitman is driven back to his killer instincts when a thug steals his 1969 Ford Mustang, killing his dog in the process. The action heats up when he tracks the thug to New York City, only to become the target of the thug’s father, a major crime boss.

When it comes to modern action movies (“modern” in the sense of the past decade or so), I’m rather ambivalent. Action movies don’t necessarily rank high in my genre preferences, but I don’t necessarily dislike the genre.

So, there’s this guy named John Wick. Naturally. His wife just died of cancer, and the day of her funeral, he receives a cute widdle puppy that she arranged to have sent to him to help with the sting of her loss. Unfortunately, the very next night, his house is broken into by a gang of Russian mafia youths, and they kill his puppy and steals his vintage 1969 Mustang. This doesn’t set well with, not only John Wick, but also with the Russian mob boss who coincidentally is the father of the young man who committed doggie homicide and took Wick’s car. Because, as it turns out, John Wick used to be a hit man for that Russian mob, the kind that, when his name is even mentioned, even the mob boss pauses to reconsider his life choices. So, after an attempt to talk Wick out of finding and killing his son, the mob boss throws everything at him to stop him from doing so. It…doesn’t go very well.

So, John Wick is your standard revenge-themed ultra-violent testosterone-fueled shoot-em-up action flicks that’s very shiny looking and is heavy on the kinetic effects. While doing the live commentary thing that I do sometimes while watching movies on my Facebook page, I quipped that John Wick seems less a movie and more a bunch of Playstation video game cut scenes spliced together. And yeah, that still seems pretty darned accurate. But, there’s a bit of twist, you see. That being the inclusion of a special kind of hotel that caters to hitman society, and has rules to play by. That certainly made things interesting, and kept John Wick from being your run-of-the-mill action movie with a body count and a use of dubstep that’s almost a violation of the Geneva Convention.

Overall, I did find John Wick to be greatly entertaining in a mindless fun sort of way. Like how many like the bafflingly popular Fast & Furious movies, I would surmise. Keanue Reeves makes for a surprisingly good action star, it seems. Very much worth a rental, yes.