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xmas treeWell, well, well. Deep subject, I know. Here we are, yet again, with the end of yet another year. Blinked, and what was 2017 is closing down, making way for the mystery and suspense that 2018 will bring. So, let’s do a bit of year-in-review, shall we? Here goes…

I do have to say that, as a while, 2017 wasn’t too bad. That’s not to say that it didn’t come with its own set of challenges. What year doesn’t, really? But, comparative to the previous years, 2017 wasn’t so bad, personally.

The first big thing to happen in January was the removal of a cyst from my back; it was situated right between the shoulder blades, and was roughly the size of a large orange. Or a small grapefruit. Point is, this thing was large enough to press against my spine, and even sitting up straight was painful. I gave it the name Lloyd, because that’s what I do. I went in for outpatient surgery, and experienced everything due to requesting a local administered, rather than being induced. That was quite the experience, lying on my stomach, feeling what felt like a melonballer remove what was on my back. It was very cold in that operating room, let me tell you.

cyst removal prep

I also got this neat hat out of it…

It was also around the end of January when my knees started acting up constantly. But more on that in a bit.

uncle necro spooky-ish


Let’s see…there were no graduations or deaths to speak of this year. At least, ones that impacted me. Hey, this is my year end review and all. My sympathies if you’ve experienced loss this year. I know how that goes all too well. Regardless, there was one wedding I got to go to, for Other James and Melissa, back in October. It was quite lovely. And brief, which was nice. Here’s a picture of those wacky kids:

other james and melissa

complete with a surprise Stephanie in the back…

…and here’s a pic of me and Other James before the wedding:

me and other james

moments before the carnage began…

Yes, yes, I’m wearing a tie. Try not to choke on whatever it is you might be choking on at the moment.

pen empty

this happened more often than not…

Bit out of sequence, mind, but I had to bid adieu to my beloved youth group kids in April. Shelli decided to retire this year, and focus on her family and such, and so the group was given over to the just-formed Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I miss them, I really do. It took a bit to acclimate to not having to come up with a lesson every week. I sill wonder how they’re doing. Ah, well. It’s out of my hands. Like it was ever in my hands, if you catch my drift.

The only live show I went to this year was Iron Maiden back in July. It was during the Book Of Souls tour, they played Lincoln, and it was friggin’ AWESOME. I went with one of my Brothers From A Different Mother, Matt O. Bad knees or not, there was no way I was going to miss this chance. I can now scratch this one off my Bucket List. Now, to try and catch Alice Cooper and Megadeth before it’s too late.

awaiting iron maiden

patiently awaiting to RAISE THE IRONS!

Which brings me to this last bit: Remember earlier, when I mentioned that my knees started to go bad in late January? Well, in the past they would flair up, but then go away. Not so this time–since January, the pain was almost a constant, usually feeling worse in one knee and switch periodically. Since January, I had been using a cane to get around. Then, in late August, I woke up one morning and I couldn’t stand up. The pain was too great. After visiting my doctor–I’ll spare you the details of what kind of adventure getting down from my second floor domicile over to the doctor was–I was admitted into the hospital, where I was given a battery of tests, and finally received cortisone shots into both knees. It turned out I had a severe case of gout in both knees, which I’m told is a very rare kind of occurrence. The cortisone shots helped immensely, but the general arthritis still flairs up now and then. I’m still using the cane, and on the really bad days I’m using the walker my Grandma Betty once had. Knee braces come into play once in a while, as well. We’ll see what comes when I get my annual checkup in February.

hammer time sellout

from the I Can’t Even files…

So, there we have the year that was 2017. Yeah, some pretty good movies were watched, some books were read, some \,,/METAL\,,/ was had. What will 2018 bring? Well, outside of the movie schedule already being planned by the Exalted Geeks, there’s my middle nephew’s confirmation, and another cousin’s progeny graduating High School, both in May. Otherwise, we shall see what the year brings. Until then, I remain your humble servant Uncle NecRo. See you all next year.

Yeah, that joke never gets old. Cheers.