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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: It takes a special kind of “talent” to ruin a slasher movie. I mean, I’ve seen plenty of bad slashers that fall more under the So Bad It’s Good banner (Sleepaway Camp, Silent Night Deadly Night 2, pretty much anything after Friday The 13th Part 6), but to make a slasher that is dull, boring and utterly forgettable as Fever Lake? That is a whole new kind of special.

Directed by one Ralph E. Portillo, who has directed a whole bunch of movies I’ve never heard of, and released in 1996, Fever Lake stars one of the Two Coreys from the 80s–Corey Haim–and co-stars Mario Lopez (aka Slater from Saved By The Bell, or alternately That One Host from Extra), and B-movie legend Bo Hopkins…plus a bunch of other actors. Haim and Lopez play a couple of 30-something college kids who head out to a small rented house near a lakeside community with some other 30-something college kids for a holiday of shenanigans and whatnot. Only, the lake itself has an evil spirit, one that bubbles out and causes EVIL! Only, we don’t really see it so much as we’re constantly told about it by the whitest Native American stereotype you’ll ever come across. So, when one of the locals is killed by a wolf that magically is never seen in the same frame as she is, the locals get…mildly irritated at the existence of that house the college kids are staying in. Meanwhile, nothing really happens outside of some continued warnings by Dances With Stereotypes, until about the last 20 minutes or so, when the killings start happening in the house. Then the “twist” that everyone saw coming within ten minutes of this movie starting underwhelms you, and the movie ends. And you’re left lamenting the time spent that you will never, ever get back again.

Fever Lake is such a tame slasher movie that you can be forgiven for initially thinking this was made by one of those family oriented cable channels in an effort to be edgy for the Halloween season. The problem is, this is one of those PG-13 type of “horror” movies…only, the PG-13 rating would be too strong for this, really. The aforementioned scene where the local is attacked by the wolf, it’s very apparent that they shot the scenes with the wolf separate, while shooting separately the reactions of the local, and then tried to splice the two bits of footage together, and failed miserably. The acting is 90s era sitcom level at best. Mostly filler and not much else, Fever Lake is just dull. I cannot recommend watching this, even as a bad movie night.