boston market closedSo, late Saturday afternoon, I was given a bit of a shock to the system. I was coming from my normal Lunch + Writing session, which took me to about 4pm or so, as a couple of friends showed up and hung out for a bit. I decided to pick up some din-din at the Boston Market that was on 114th, just north of Dodge street in Omaha. It hadn’t been all that long since I indulged in a half rotisserie, with some mac n’ cheese and sweet corn on the side. Don’t forget the corn bread. The ambrosia that is their corn bread.

As you can imagine, I was really getting myself excited about this on the drive there. But, alas, when I arrived at the destination, the Boston Market was closed. Not just a CLOSED sign, but a big lettered sign that stated that, as of 1:00pm of whatever day they closed shop, they were no longer in business. Not moving to a different location. CLOSED. Forever. The big sign on the pole out front, the big Boston Market signs on the sides of the roof removed, leaving only the discoloring on the paneling as a reminder of what it once was. Even the drive-thru stand was removed.

The only Boston Market in Omaha is now gone. Like my innocence.

I’ve only just discovered the goodness that was the Boston Market about a year and a few months ago, around October of 2016. My main thing to get was the half rotisserie, with two sides, usually the mac n’ cheese and the sweet corn. Once I got the rice in place of the corn. But, that doesn’t matter now, does it?

I do not know what may have caused this location to close. It was maybe a month or so ago since I had my last meal from there. Always drive-thru, taken to my dwelling place to enjoy. Always on a Friday. Never every week, just sometimes, when the craving hits. Now, I don’t have the foggiest where I’m going to get my rotisserie¬†chicken fix. This was one-of-a-kind goodness that I may never get the chance to experience again.

Farewell, sweet purveyor of roasted chicken. Ye shall be missed, verily.