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“Looks like I just failed Haunted House 101.”

Here we go with another Based-On-A-True-Story horror flick. Lovely. I do so very much enjoy these kind of movies, mainly because it’s somehow slapped on there in an attempt to legitimize the boo-scares. In this case, the focus is on the legend of the ghost that allegedly haunts the famous Goldfield Hotel in the town of Goldfield, Nevada. I lean heavily on the word “legend” here, because, in my general research, Ghosts Of Goldfield is based on a “true story”, in that there is a sparsely populated former boom town in Nevada named Goldfield, and there is a Goldfield Hotel that is said to be haunted by a ghost named Elizabeth; however, the factual evidence leans more towards Elizabeth never having existed, being a made-up urban myth created to…I don’t know, boost tourism? Get a spot on one of those paranormal hunter type television shows (which it totally did)? Whatever it was meant to do, it at least inspired this lousy movie.

So, with Ghosts Of Goldfield, we have your standard bunch of annoying young adults who are more archetypes than characters, and as such I will refer to them in the labels I jotted down in my notes while watching this: the Rich Girl, the Alpha Jerk, the Klepto, the AV Nerd, and Messy Haired Hunky Guy. they’re all traveling in a van to the sparsely populated Goldfield, Nevada, a town that once was a booming city during the gold rush, until the mines dried up. Within the town is the famous Goldfield Hotel, a landmark purportedly haunted by the ghost of a dead woman named Elizabeth Walker, who was tortured and killed in Room 109 by her lover. The group are traveling there so that Rich Girl, pretending to be from the Discovery Channel, can try to capture some haunted shenanigans on film. After their van breaks down and hoofing it the rest of the way to Goldfield, they get the key to the hotel from the local bartender (played by a grizzled “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, here doing his best Yosemite Sam voice inflection) who gives them the standard “stay out of Room 109, confound it!” warning as they scuttle off. Once there, they manage to get a bunch of footage of them walking around, standing, bickering, walking some more, get startled by off-screen loud noises, sitting around, flirting, getting possessed and engaging in sexy betrayal, more loud noises, more bickering…all the while getting followed about by the ghost of Elizabeth, who constantly whines either “help me find my child!” or “follow me if you dare!” And then finally, in the final part, the ghost decides to stop messing around, and everybody dies. But…does anybody really care at this point? The answer is “no”.

Ghosts Of Goldfield managed to bore me to tears all the while insulting my intelligence by attempting to pass this off as a “movie”. It’s boring, the effects are sub-par, the script is laughable, the acting is terrible, the characters highly unlikable…really, about the only bright spots in this movie was Roddy Piper and that bearded old guy in the bar with him. There should have been more of them in this movie. Wasted potential. In any case, if you see this on the Recommended For You lists on whatever streaming service you use, pass it by.